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Welcome to Lost Island Chihuahuas!

Unfortunately I am no longer breeding and have no plans on resuming in the near future.  All but a few of my dogs have already been placed in pet homes .
If you have made the choice to add a dog to your family please check your local shelter first...  There are many purebred adults and puppies in the shelters! 
If you choose to purchase a puppy/adult  PLEASE!!!!!...
make sure to research the breed you are wanting as well as the breeders you contact!!! Every breed has specific health and care issues that you need to be aware of !!
If a breeder can not show you records for each dog/puppy at their house including AKC paperwork and vet records do NOT do business with them.   Adding a dog to your family is a lifelong commitment and by doing business with breeders that dont take proper care of their animals you are freeing up a spot for them to produce more puppies that are not taken care of.   Even "rescuing" a puppy from a bad situation does nothing to help the other dogs in that person care:(  



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